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By July 15, 2012News

The Redefine List: PARALINX ARROW Ultralight, 10 bit 4:2:2 full HD, Realtime, Wireless up to 320 feet.

Redefine (verb): To reexamine especially with a view to change, to transform, to re-evaluate the status qou, to evolve.

The Redefine list is a showcase of companies and individuals who are forcing filmmakers and the film industry to re-evaluate the Hollywood standards, the Hollywood prices and the Hollywood mentalities. The Redefine list will promote creative and honest work, weather it be amazing new gear that is honestly priced or brilliant short films that help viewers remember the feeling of experiencing  true creativity, the Redefine list is here to help spread the word about/for the ones who have truly earned it.

First on the list is the PARALINX ARROW, an uncompressed wireless HD Transmitter System for use with all motion picture cameras. The PARALINK ARROW sends an uncompressed 1080P video signal with less than 2 milliseconds latency, up to 320 feet normal range and up to 200 feet through walls… oh and the transmitter and receiver together weigh less than 5 ounces.

List price is $1100 nearly $2000 less then its closest competition the The Switronix Recon, an uncompressed wireless transmission system that  transmits  HD Video at 150 feet weighing in at  2lbs.

The PARALINX ARROW is available now Via Hot Rod CamerasAbel Cine and hopefully soon Redefine Rentals. Go to paralinx.net for more info